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About Us

A Money Tree was founded by two dynamic Leaders Dhanashree Bhatkal and Suman Makhija, who together bring to the table a combined experience of Finance, Management, Coaching, Entrepreneurship & Business. 

Dhanashree is a Financial Management & HR Professional, while Suman is a Stalwart in Strategy, Planning & Business Development. Both have been working in Coaching & Training sectors during their individual career spans over the years.

This Powerful Duo is at the helm with a Team of Experts working in different independent roles. While Dhanashree is the front face and the communicator for the Company, Suman is the one who strings & keeps the backend in place and gives it Direction.

Working together on Projects since 2001, this structure was a natural progression of a powerful Team growing into various seamless systems and entering the growth space.


Today we stand with a Core team that comprises Professionals from all Functional areas for the Support Services we offer. We have representation from the Legal, Finance, Administration, HR, Business Development and Implementation fields.


We are an Award-winning Business and are ISO Certified. 

Currently Based out of India and North America, and engaged in Business Services to Asia, USA, Canada & UAE.

We are venturing into other markets on selective Projects and Processes.

Professionally managed by a Team of Experts with 100+ years of cumulative experience on the table,

we are leading the Financial Freedom Revolution one step at a time.

13 years.





Turbo Charged


Trained in Financial Freedom

Who we Help

If Financial Freedom is your Aspiration,

we are the Answer.

If Turbocharging Profits is your Goal,

we are the Catalysts.

Everyone. Businesses. Practising Professionals. Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Students. Homemakers. Senior Citizens.

How I Do It

Our Bestsellers the

Business Transformation Program

and the Financial Freedom Coaching Program.

Delivered through Packaged Suites that Create Complete & Permanent Transformation in the way you handle your Business & Life.

What's in It for You

Personal & Professional Financial Freedom.

Turbocharged Profits & Stupendous Business Growth.

24/7 Personal Business Coach. The Path to Generational Wealth Building.

Featured in

Body of Work

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