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Consultants Vs Agents – Don’t be Penny Wise Pound Foolish!

As “Blame it on Yashraj” , the theatrical that is a stupendous laugh riot brings out,

“Consultants” is a much abused and misused term! Most people tend to think consultants are those that didn’t quite land up succeeding in anything! So they got a fancy tag on, with some nice business cards and attempted to get going once again!

Truth be told, it has become much of all the above and more in the recent years!

In the mid 90s came up a breed of agents who started calling themselves “consultants”. so

they were not real estate brokers or agents anymore. They were consultants! Nothing wrong

with that, but that quite literally killed the value of anyone who was a real consultant!

  • Value Addition – Consultants are not agents who are selling something to you, neither are they introducing you to someone with who you are expected to close deal! The difference and the invaluable aspect that any “consultant” brings to the table is the “value addition”. They must work as catalysts, who assist in not only the completion but the improvisation of the core interaction, without themselves being a part of the it as a direct party. That is the litmus test!

  • Unique Skills – There is an innate ability to bring to the table certain skills, and know-how which can add value to the transaction or interaction in question. In any sector any field there could be both agents and consultants. The former perform a generic role, while the latter a specific, specialised one. So if Agent A doesn’t turn up, B could replace them easily. But every consultant has a unique service/product ability which is highly personalised, and just someone who offers it at 10% less might not necessarily be a good bet!

  • Long Term / Short Term – Agents are usually a single transaction connect, transaction done , commission paid, end of the relationship. A Consultant spends time building a long term learning curve with you. This is also the way for a more fruitful and a deeper business relationship to flourish.

You will find both options available for every deal, big or small. Real Estate, Funding,

Business set up, “getting things done”, Training Programs, Acquisitions, Finding an Investor,

Finding a good project to invest in… you name it!

Consultants might be heavier on your pocket in the beginning, but the returns they bring you in the long run more than make up for it!

Don’t be Penny Wise Pound Foolish!!

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