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Different Levels, Different Devils

I saw an arrogant person on public transport today. As I watched how nasty they were to

everyone around, I stepped into their head and found an insecure child: waiting for

acceptance they never got. Lonely.

I saw an angry raging person at the park last evening. They seemed to be grumpy and critical of everyone around them. I watched amused. As if they carried a face full of wrinkles of anger! I crossed over to peep into their heart and found an old person, neglected by their own. Scared of the endless time on hand with nothing to do.

I found a beggar on the street signal today. As they tapped at first, then knocked and then

almost banged on the car window; I saw an urge in them to destroy, irritate.. But as I peeked

into their head, I found a desperate soul, trying to make both ends meet in a world they have

heard to be abundant!

Uncover the layers.

We are all learning. And un learning.

We are all healing. And hurting.

We are all coming to terms with our challenges. And facing new ones.

Some of us are scared of loneliness, some of crowds.

Some of us fear having no purpose, some fear being bound.

In a world that throws up challenges all the time, we are all honing our skills to fight!

Different stages, different levels. But we are all in this together.

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