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Let the Universe Partner with You

There is always that energy that guides you through everything you do or don’t do. You

might choose to ignore it or not even acknowledge it at times. Some call it God, Some call it

Cosmic energy and others deny its existence completely.

But if you remember the time you were a little child, and now think to yourself “did I really

grow up! My body might feel older but somehow within I still seem to feel the same. Years

have just passed!” Identify with that feeling. That space within which hasn’t changed at all,

and you are right about it, is the energy we are talking about here.

So whether you acknowledge this force to indestructible matter as science describes it or as

the infinity in the divine as described by the Advaita philosophy of the Hindu way of life, you

will still find solace and most of your answers in this space.

So call it whatever you will, but learn to recognize and use it for help whenever you need it.

And trust me you need it all the time.

Be with how you feel, hundred per cent. You might have been told a thousand times to think

positive thoughts, and you might think you have to push positive thoughts into your mind

whenever a negative one creeps into it. Being in a positive space is not only about pushing

good thoughts in forcibly. It is a space that you develop by practice. So if you are feeling

down, have had a break up or are mourning something then be with it. Suppressing is not

being positive.

If something has gone wrong and you need to cry over it do that. Accept and acknowledge it

and mourn as long as you will. Be with that low feeling as long as you start to heal. Some

things in life can only be dealt with, not eliminated. However, mourning when you have had

a loss is quite different from always being in a space of negative thoughts. Recognise the

difference. When you are broken, you heal. With time, with people, with love, with faith in

the energy that is nurturing you – you heal! But negative thoughts for no reason, there is no

healing for that.

Always know you are a team player. You have never done anything alone. You were guided

when you first ate or drank, or when you first walked. You first talked with help, you took all

your baby steps with the help of your parents, and as your circle expanded more people

entered that space, teaching you and guiding you in many different ways. Only, you might

not have always noticed.

You are here, right now because of all of those who partnered with you along the way, in big

ways and small.

There is a beautiful story:

Arjuna was about to take his turn in the contest which was going to put him in the eternal

pages of history forever. He was participating to qualify to marry Draupadi, the fiery

princess, daughter of Drupad. Every suitor had to shoot at the eye of a fish, perched on a

rotating wheel above a pool of water, by looking into the reflection in it. The first one to do

so, would be the chosen groom. It meant precision, skill, sharpness of intellect and a clear

sense of judgement.

Krishna told him “keep your eye on the eye of the fish, and make sure your hand is steadily

placed, also make sure you take a comfortable position so as to be steady on your feet, and

also keep your attention so strong and focused that you drown out the hundreds of people

watching you and their judgement of you”.

Arjuna knew Krishna was God, he turned around and asked “If I have to do all of this, what

will You do?”

Krishna answered with a smile “I will keep the water still!”

So always know it is team work, even when you think you have to do it all, there is a silent

hand that is working for you. By whatever name you call it, always be in sync with it.

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