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Unleashing your Dream Life!

Ever felt like despite doing everything you possibly can, you keep getting stuck at 99?

If your bank balances, your cash in hand, your weighing scale, your relationships, or

whatever else is the metrics that you select to assess your life by, are not making you happy.

If no matter what you do, you keep feeling like you are falling short, then most likely you

have one of the four syndromes.

Truth be told, most of us have bits of all.

1. Unprocessed Emotions No we are not talking about something that happened this

morning or a few days ago. We are talking about that little slight you felt when you

were 16 and your best friend turned you down and went out with their new crush

[who anyway dumped them a few weeks after that!], or the snub you felt when a

“rich” neighbhour made you realize their 3 rd  car was on the way home while your

family didn’t still have a two-wheeler. Or if you were “rich” then the friend who was

struggling to pay the fees at college making you feel guilty for having everything easy.

We often don’t even know how these unprocessed incidents and the emotion that they

churn within us, keep us small. Guilt, Sorrow, Embarassment, Anger, Fear … all


We may not remember the incident or the person that caused it, but we do store the emotion

that came out of it in our bodies and minds. #EmotionalDejavu

Realize how some people feel so accustomed to certain emotions, they almost keep going

back to it?

One of the most Powerful Techniques to tackle Emotions and work on clearing them from

your system, is Meditation. Combined with Yoga.

2. Stories we Made ~ Remember the time you overheard a conversation of your parents

about their financial struggle, and began to think you are poor. For days it stayed with you.

You started to take your small decisions around it too. You skipped a few meals at school and

saved the money. You even told your best friend about it. You were all of six. When you

couldn’t contain it anymore and asked your father about it, you realized their struggles were

at a different level. They were finding it difficult to plan which of the two luxury cars they

should finally select since one was more value for money than the other! Their conversation

or the situation wasn’t the problem. The story you made from it was.

Where are you doing this to yourself today? Where have you made a story around a situation

with the limited information you have, or from a perspective which is only yours? How is

that story coming in the way of you living your dream life? Maybe it’s a relationship you are

giving up on when your partner is still working on it, because you believe they haven’t made

enough efforts when they actually were outdoing themselves in the situation they were put

in? Maybe you are reconciling to a career you don’t really want because your story is that

compromise is a must in life and everyone does it. Maybe you are keeping away from money

and wealth because as a child you heard from your circle of influence, that money makes

people bad.

Go back and unearth that story! On a morning run maybe. Take the effort to research if

needed, talk to people if needed, just let it go if needed. Reframing the stories that are holding you back can be liberating.

3. Beliefs ~ What do you have strong convictions about? Our beliefs can come from our

culture, where we grew up, our peer group, our family, almost anything in our environment

that has influence on us. In some cultures, the belief is that parents shouldn’t praise their own kids in front of others. Maybe you never got praised, infact maybe your parents actually

praised other kids in front of you. You began to believe that you were not worthy at all. Or

maybe you picked up early cues in life to mean that money can only be made by doing wrong things, or by working very, very hard. That money comes to bad people. That there are no free lunches. That you can’t have the cake and eat it too. Which of these resonated? Made you feel “yes, I know that feeling!”

Time to let it go. Time to take of the glasses you are wearing with coloured filters of

everything you grew up to believe is true.

4. Failure to Upskill ~ Have you seen people who are constantly learning new things, or

upgrading the things they are already doing? They seem to be multi-tasking and always on

the run. You may have wondered why they don’t slow down or even how they really manage

all of it at once. They are upskilling and bettering themselves on different levels constantly. If

you observe closely, you would realize they are often the very same people who grow and

keep getting closer to their dream lives, or perhaps are already living it. This component of

the four-point upgrading system, is the easiest to pursue and acquire. The other three may

take time, could be tedious, might not fit into your calendar, especially because it can bring

up upsetting feelings and memories and so you may tend to procrastinate. Upskilling in

different areas of your life keeps your mind fresh, rejuvenated.

Your life is what you make it, or what you don’t. Becoming aware of these four attributes can

be a great start to calibrating your system and getting ready for your dream life.

Stay Tuned!

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